Rent roll and real estate business transactions are normally lengthy and often complex and as such, there are literally hundreds of questions you’ll need answers to. What you need to decide initially is if you really need a valuation (as opposed to an appraisal) and whether to engage a specialist broker to facilitate the transaction – particularly if you already know the buyer.

While an appraisal is a useful guide, properly understanding each factor which effects the value of your asset puts you in the box seat when it comes to negotiating with a Buyer. In addition, a formal valuation is a bankable document, meaning Buyers will be confident their bank can finance an offer reflecting the valued amount.

Our valuations also review the demand and risk factors associated with a rent roll, meaning you’ll be better prepared for the due diligence period and better equipped to minimise losses. In summary, a valuation should increase your returns when settlement takes place.

Many people believe selling a rent roll is as simple as selling a property, unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Unless you can afford to do without a broker, you need to make sure you sell your asset for the best possible price and have the transaction managed by specialists.

Aside from access to potential buyers and having hundreds of rent roll transactions’ experience in your corner, Realestimations will ensure each stage of the process is managed effectively. To do this, we’ve mapped the 14 stages of a rent roll transaction in detail, so each party understands their respective responsibilities, the deadlines and has all the documentation required to complete the transaction.

As mentioned, the length and (often) complexity of these transactions means there’s hundreds of questions buyers and sellers ask. We endeavour to demystify the process and the unusual aspects of the transaction for our clients, but are happy to help if you have any specific questions about your own circumstances. Some of these may include;

  • Do I need a lawyer as well as a settlement agent?
  • I already know a lawyer. Will they be okay for the transaction?
  • Will the buyer pay the full amount to me at settlement?
  • Can I just get landlords to assign the MA’s to the buyer?
  • What’s the difference between a lost and non-converted management?
  • What happens to non-converted managements at settlement?
  • Am I able to replace non-converted managements with new ones?
  • Is the retention period and amount fixed?
  • Can I sell properties for the landlords which have been transferred to the Buyer?

Please let us know if you’d like to know more about our broking, valuation or consulting services and costs or are just curious about what the market is currently doing.