Michelle Pearson

Business Services Manager

Michelle Pearson joined Realestimations as the Business Services Manager, who’s primary responsibility is coordinating the transaction process and liaising with both buyer and seller throughout the various stages of the sale.

Michelle has worked residential, commercial and strata practices since the 1990’s and has an impressive list of achievements across property management, sales and accounting areas in that time. Michelle is adept with almost all real estate software platforms and has been involved with several acquisitions and rent roll sales.

Her years managing trust and general accounts, property management teams and entire offices has meant significant time working alongside agency directors. Michelle is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent and an active Financial Credit Representative.

These broad, but very relevant skills and experience makes Michelle the perfect addition to our team and more importantly our clients transacting rent rolls and real estate businesses.

Navigating this often-complex process without the right information, support or guidance can be disastrous, so Realestimations is thrilled to have Michelle provide you the best in professional support, process and documentation.