Comprehensive Business Valuation

An in depth review to determine the value of your business as a going concern so you have a better understanding of its market appeal.

We will identify areas for improvement, gaps in the market and the potential for greater profitability. A few small changes could make the world of difference for your return on investment when it comes time to sell.

Rent Roll Valuation 

Before deals are put on the table, do you know the market value of your rent roll?

This service includes an extensive review to determine the value, but also identify any potential areas for growth to get your rent roll in the best possible shape before negotiating deals.

Asset Assessment

Our Asset Assessment is an adjunct service to our more extensive Valuation service.

The benefit to those clients who elect to use the Asset Assessment is that, while the framework and much of the analysis is similar to our Valuation, the Asset Assessment is structured to be a more high level document that is more cost effective for those clients who may not have the need for a comprehensive Valuation.

“[Realestimations provided] without a doubt, the best complied valuation I have read in the 10 years I have been involved in  the real estate industry.

The valuation is thorough, well presented and perhaps most importantly for your clients, simple  to follow and understand.”

Senior Business Banker
to the Real Estate Industry